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Culture shock, conflict, family struggles, burnout…
The list of challenges goes on.

Maybe you feel underprepared and unsure how to continue? Maybe you’re just worn out and need some fresh encouragement or support, or seeking answers on a specific issue?

You’ve come to the right place.


Moving to another culture is a massive change, so the orientation season is all about arranging practicalities, adjusting and settling in.


Culture shock is real – and it’s tricky. Prepare yourself for the messy reality of it.


Now you’ve found the new normal. Enjoy this season in your new home. Keep investing in  yourself and stay connected to others like you. Or you might be facing particular challenges


Don’t become isolated. As well as engaging with team and community on the ground, stay connected with people at home and others on the field.


Whether returning home for vacation, furlough or a permanent transition, make sure you build a RAFT and prepare well with our Post-field resources
On-Field Support

A Sender’s Role

Any fieldworker needs a great team of friends, family and colleagues supporting them. You have a huge part to play in ensuring their success. Check out what you can do to ensure your fieldworkers thrive!

  • What your fieldworker needs from you now is continued encouragement and moral support.
  • Often they will experience a honeymoon period of adjustment, which quickly passes as they realise the enormity of the challenge ahead.
  • Continue the connection, reminding them how much everybody is celebrating but also missing them. Send encouraging words.
  • It would be excellent if key members of the sending church undertook some basic cross-cultural training so that they can understand what the field worker is experiencing.
  • They will then be equipped to recognise symptoms of culture shock and be able to encourage your mission partner with the words: ‘this is normal!’
  • Ensure they know they have permission to be honest about their struggles.
  • What a blessing when you start to see your mission partner finding their place in the new culture and functioning more effectively in the language.
  • It has been such a LONG process for them to get to this point, so be sure and celebrate this as a ‘win’.
  • Even now the ground may be hard and ‘results’ may take a long while to see. It is the Lord who will produce fruit in His time, so encourage the field worker to remain firm in Him and to persevere.
  • Beware of bathtub syndrome – where interest in the missionary from those at home is only high at the beginning or end of their journey. 
  • Though they may be ‘out of sight’ keep them in mind! Stay in regular contact.
  • The church must be proactive in coming alongside their mission partners, even at a distance
  • Whenever a mission partner returns home, make plans to give them a resounding welcome! Be eager to hear reports from them.
  • Allow them a buffer after the initial welcome to have some decompression time.
  • Arrange a good debrief with a trained person, even if they don’t think they need one! This is a key to healthy processing of their experiences on the field.
  • See our post-field resources for more details on what is next.

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