Our courses are created by experienced fieldworkers who want to offer what they have learned (sometimes the hard way!) to anybody with a heart to take the gospel to the ends of the earth. You can take a course at your own pace, or you might want to join a cohort and learn with others for a deeper experience.

Know Thyself

This course explores the concept of understanding ourselves within the context of our own cultures. Before delving into how we adapt to other cultures, it is crucial to recognize the barriers and obstacles we inadvertently create for ourselves.
Course Options
Self Study (online)Facilitated Group (online)
  • What is Culture 
  • Socialization
  • Baggage and Walls
  • Towards Cultural Intelligence 


FieldPartner Learner
…a total revelation for me and it helps to explain some of my past struggles in cross-cultural experiences…Thank you!

Thriving Across Borders

This course covers the major transitions that someone will make when crossing cultures. We delve into the typical transition points for people working in mission and provide insights and tips for adapting well at each stage to enable you to thrive across cultures.
Course Options
Self Study (online)Facilitated Group (online)
  • Pre-departure 
  • Culture Shock 
  • Re-entry

Building a Strong Support Base

In this course, we examine the different dimensions of support that are needed for a successful cross-cultural experience or lifestyle. Having good support systems in place can make or break your adventure. The course is packed with practical examples and provides a guide for best practice.
Course Options
Self Study (online)Facilitated Group (online)
  • Core Member Care
  • Self Care & Mutual Care
  • Mutual Team Care
  • Sender Care
  • Third Culture Kids (TCKs)

Shiyani Refuge

Field Partner Team Member
This is an AMAZING course. It really helped me!

The Antioch Factor

Ross Paterson presents a stark choice that no Christian or church can avoid making – whether we become a Jerusalem church or Antioch Church. Ross unpacks what that means and its critical importance from the events of the early church in Acts. Why did Paul find Jesus in Damascus, not in Jerusalem? Why was Paul sent out with Barnabas from Antioch, not from Jerusalem?
Course Options
Self Study (online)
  • The Antioch Factor 1. Introduction
  • The Antioch Factor 2. Cross-cultural mission 
  • The Antioch Factor 3. God’s global agenda
  • The Antioch Factor 4. The Antioch church
  • The Antioch Factor 5. Reaching the nations


FieldPartner Learner
That was excellent and very insightful… I need to think on this more, a lot more! So much to take in and think over in this module. This should be part of all church discipleship programmes.
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