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Transitions are tough.
Post-transition can be even tougher.

Whether you’re returning home temporarily or permanently, equipping yourself for the process will make a such a difference, and prepare you for whatever is next.


Whether returning home temporarily or permanently, you need to be prepared for a season of transition – and all the challenges that brings!


We strongly recommend a debrief, even informally, as a way of processing your time spent in another cultures


You may have missed out on things whilst you were away. Take time reconnect with your loved ones, including your PACTeam


Prepare well to return to the field, or move onto something new.

New Season

Your experience is so valuable! And God has plans for you in this next stage. Let’s discover what that looks like.
Post-Field Support

A Sender’s Role

Any fieldworker needs a great team of friends, family and colleagues supporting them. You have a huge part to play in ensuring their success. Check out what you can do to ensure your fieldworkers thrive!

  • Please don’t view the missionary’s return as an event, but rather as a process that may be difficult for them.
  • Reverse culture shock (or ‘re-entry stress’) can be as difficult, or even harder, for returnees to navigate than the original culture was! Often that is because it is unexpected.
  • Be prepared to love and welcome the returnee home, even if they appear ‘difficult’ as they struggle with this phase.
  • An ‘end-of-term’ debrief may have been given by their agency while still on the field, but a ‘returning home debrief’, around 6 weeks after the return may also be a welcome addition. 
  • This could be an informal, open-ended question, ‘interview’ style to allow the returning field worker to process their thoughts and feelings.
  • A debrief can be useful, even for a temporary trip home to address issues that may be under the surface.
  • Returning field workers will have experienced and learnt a vast amount, more than can be summarised in a mid-service update interview or a polite question over coffee after a service!
  • A perceived lack of interest in this may lead to feelings of disappointment or offence for the returning field worker. 
  • Consider how you can communicate that their story and experiences matter, and how you can allow them to share them in an unpressured environment. Ensure the worker’s PACTeam is on hand to spend time with and support them.
  • This may feel like a repeat of the pre-field sending out, but making the effort to mark the occasion and commission a returning fieldworker will ensure they feel supported.
  • Be sure to surround them with prayer and encouragement.
  • Commit to keeping engaged with them and track how they are doing over the early weeks especially. Make sure their PACTeam does not disband too soon – not until they are fully settled back and re-integrated in the community.
  • A new season of belonging and of continuing service is what we should hope for when a mission partner returns home for good. 
  • Support them practically as they settle back in.
  • Consider how you can involve this returning field worker in the church’s life – they have a wealth of experience and wisdom they can contribute!

Get Equipped

Here are some useful materials for whichever stage you are in



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